All You Need To Know About Dental Implants

Dental Implants Tucson

The dental implants we use today were invented by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon (Per-Ingvar Brånemark) in 1952. Nowadays they’re considered the best solution for replacement of missing teeth.


Dental implants  are made to last, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime.Animated picture of teeth A dental implant gives patients the closest feel possible to the natural teeth. Usually, dental implants are made of titanium, and the success rate of Dental implants in Tucson AZ can be as high as 98%.


This procedure can be used to replace a single tooth or several at once. Ultimately it’s possible to replace all the teeth with dental implants.


When a person needs to replace a tooth there are just 3 options: fixed or cemented bridge, the partial or full denture, and the dental implant. Between the 3, dental implants are considered the best solution for most cases, but to properly chose the best solution, the dentists evaluate some factors, including:


The location of the missing tooth or teeth;

The patient preference;

The patient health (past surgery’s, current condition, etc);

The quality of the jawbone;

Last but not least, the cost;


At Dental implants Tucson, a surgeon examines the area and all these factors and makes a professional assessment of whether the patient is a candidate for a dental implant.


There are many advantages in choosing dental implants for tooth replacement over dentures or bridges. Bridges, for example, affect the adjacent teeth, a problem patients won’t have with an implant.


With time dental implants integrate into the bone structure, and that’s why they’re stable and look exactly like a natural tooth.


But not all dental implants are the same. There are subperiosteal and endosteal implants.


Endosteal implants are implants “in the bone” while subperiosteal are the implants that rest on top of the jawbone just below the gum tissue. Endosteal dental implants have proven to be much better in the long term, and that’s why nowadays when people talk about implants they’re talking about Endosteal dental implants.


While the most important and most popular function of dental implants is to replace teeth, there are actually some cases where implants can assist other dental procedures. For example, due to the implant stability, implants can actually be used to support a removable denture and provide more comfort and security to the patient.


In orthodontic procedures, mini implants can even be used as temporary anchorage devices which help move some teeth to other position. These mini implants are temporarily fixed to the bone, they are small, and they can be easily removed after they did their function.


There’s a whole lot of applications for implants. And since all these procedures are executed with anesthesia, there’s little discomfort for patients. Some patients even comment the dental implants are less painful that tooth extraction, so there’s no need to be too much concerned about the procedure. Just make sure you’re in good hands on Dental implants  and get a solid implant that will make you feel just as if you’re using your own teeth once again.


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